Get better at bridge

Development Tuesdays

Aimed at those wishing to improve their game or who feel they need a refresher or some ideas on bidding and play, these improvers' sessions are run from time to time on various specific topics. The sessions run for an hour, starting at 7:00 pm – and for those who wish, are followed by a few set hands to illustrate the techniques discussed. These will be advertised beforehand at the club and on the news page of the website.

Below are some pdfs prepared by experienced club players on various topics.
If there is any topic in particular, including the rules and proprieties, that you would like more information about, talk to a committee member.

Teams Tactics - An Introduction

Take-Out Doubles

Stop Cards

Pre-emptive Openers

Pre-emptive Openers - Responses

Covering Honours
There is also a selection of bridge books in the clubrooms available for club members to borrow.

Improve your bridge online

There are limitless options to learn more online. Clicking on the YouTube link at right will link to some of the many video tutorials available there.

Below are a few of the best teaching websites. See also the sites listed on the Resources page.
For beginners and improvers: each day the site has a new problem, one for beginners and one for improvers: a painless and fun way to raise your bidding and playing skills.
Problems galore for new and improving players and a 30-day free trial.
Richard Pavlicek’s site has been called, with justification, the best bridge website on the net. Something for all levels of player but particularly useful for improvers: his advanced lessons are free – an incredible 54 lessons online, at no charge!

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