Results of Club Championship Investigation

The AGM instructed the Committee to investigate best practice for Club Championship events. The Committee has posted queries on line and talked face to face with a number of people in bridge management including Alan Turner and Patrick Carter on the request made at the AGM to review what is commonly used at other clubs and/or what is best practice. The responses can be summarised as:
1. A few clubs run their club championships over many months playing one night a month. Substitutions may be allowed and some require play on the last night to qualify.
2. The length of the event is either 5 or 6 nights
3. The most common format is 6 nights, with 5 nights of play to qualify. If a pair plays the full event they can drop their worst score. Only one substitution is allowed.
The result is that our current format is the most common, but with only one substitution allowed. Therefore, the committee will recommend to the AGM that the format remain as is with the substitution rule being changed to allow only ONE substitution per pair over the event.

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