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The way our results are shown on the website is changing,  as we have subscribed to an much improved method of displaying results, using software developed by Milan Durovic of Sydney. When you have clicked on a session or other result, starting from a listing of the field, you can click on a name and proceed to a listing of results for each board played by that person or pair. Then click on a board number and the hand record pops up containing all the information found on a travelling score sheet – who played what contracts, their score, the matchpointing, a hand diagram with points distribution and makeable contracts.

Just one main results page will link to the different results formats when we have finished upgrading to this system.


  1. Please, could I have the Monday’s and Friday’s results , thank you

  2. Hi Juliette, The results from the last couple of weeks on Mondays and Fridays are there under All Results and then go to Calendar or Multi session events. These are session results only at the moment, we will get the overall ladder too on finished competitions.

  3. Hi, clicked the ladder for the Mon. results .Clicked my name but -nothing. What do I do next. Norma Rice

    • Hi Norma. Sorry for late reply. You will have to click on your name in the individual session results, and then will see all the details for that session. The ladder just shows the overall result.

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