Rotorua joins X-Club

We have now joined the other X-Club participating clubs in the region, meaning we are all playing the same hands and can compare results over a much larger field. It works like this:
Files are sent to all clubs of the hands, for the playing times set. The dealing machines deal out the cards and they are played at the club session and the results published as per normal. The results are also collated for all the clubs participating in the region and your results compared to the much bigger field are shown. The effect is to provide you with a result that compares to how a much larger pool of players have played the hands. It provides you with a much better understanding of how you would have performed at say a tournament or in a larger field.
Hand analyses for your club play are unaltered. There is also the ability to pay for a service that allows for more complete analysis of the hands over the larger field but that is unlikely to generate much enthusiasm at this stage.
Find out more detailed information about X-Club and Pianola here.

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