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Our Bridge Club AGM was held on 26 November 2020

Elected committee members for 2021
President: Colleen Allen
Treasurer: Kathryn Morgan
Secretary: Jody Richardson
Committee: Suellyn Caldwell, Alan Dick, Wendy Fraser, Rowan Friend,Heini Lux, Marie Milsum, Jim Morgan, Margie Robbie.
Colleen said her main goal as president was to improve the culture of the Bridge Club, and make the Club more inclusive.
Subscriptions and Table Money
The committee recommended subscriptions for 2021 be as follows:
Full member: $85 with $5 discount if paid by end February.
Country member: $55 with $5 discount if paid by end February.
Associate member: $30.
Youth member (<25 years) $40.

In support of these recommendations, the Treasurer noted that subscriptions have not increased in more than 10 years, while fixed costs have increased by 50%. Membership has reduced. We have less income from room rentals, and Covid-19 had a negative impact of $5000 this year. Ideally subscriptions should cover our fixed costs, while table money covers our running costs. Recommendations for the subscriptions were put to vote and carried unanimously.

Likewise, the table money increase to $4 per session was carried unanimously. Current vouchers in circulation will remain valid, but purchase of 10 vouchers will now be $40.

Retaining New Members
Val Honeyfield addressed the meeting regarding protocols towards beginners. Retaining new members is a significant issue for our club. Some junior/novice players said they felt embarrassed by unkind jokes, their inexperience was taken advantage of, they received unsolicited advice from more senior players, and found it hard to find partners. Val suggested the following as a way to make new players feel more welcome and supported:
Wear your name tag.
Welcome players when they come to your table.
Invite new players to partner you.
Refrain from giving advice as this can be confusing.
Be positive – e.g. well done or good lead.
Address negative comments immediately (call director if necessary).

Slow Play
This is an ongoing concern, and should not be detrimental to the game.
Ways we can take responsibility:
Be aware of time clock.
Do not carry forward discussion of board to next table.
If dummy or lead is south, place cards on table before entering data in bridgemate.

As you can see, the AGM was very productive. A big thank you to all those who attended.

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