Wednesday and Friday Bridge survey results

Wednesday Evening Bridge Survey: This was to assess whether players wished to continue with the 6.30 pm start which was begun as a trial earlier in the year with the focus on ensuring an earlier finish.
– The preferred option for Wednesday evening start time is: a 7.00 pm start over the summer months coinciding with daylight saving and reverting to a 6.30 pm start over the winter months starting at the end of daylight saving. The 7.00 pm start will begin on Wednesday 2 October which is the start of a 3 night event. There will be a 10 minute supper break.
– A total of 68 responses were received: 28 opted for the variable starting times, 19 for a 6.30 pm start time for the whole year, 10 for a 7.00 pm start for the whole year and 11 who had no preference.
– 39 respondents opted for a 10 minute supper break compared with 25 who preferred the rolling supper.

Friday Bridge Survey: This was to review the trialled change in starting time for Friday bridge from the 10.30 am to the 1.00 pm start.
– The preferred option is the 1.00 pm start with a continuous afternoon tea and this is the session arrangement we will continue with.
– A total of 45 responses were received: 29 opted for a 1.00 pm start, 15 for a 10.30 am start with or without lunch and 1 had no preference for start time.
– The continuous afternoon tea with no break was preferred by 23 people.
– There were variable responses as to whether people would opt to play at the alternative time had their choice not been the majority option. 19 of the 1.00 pm starters would not play in the morning, 9 would do so; 6 of the morning starters would not play in the afternoon whilst 7 would do so. This still strongly favours the 1.00 pm start.
– Five tables was the preferred minimum for session play.

Given confirmation of these options the committee hopes that the player numbers on Wednesday and Friday stay at the encouraging levels that we have seen recently. The survey results will be on the notice board in the club rooms. Thank you again for your participation in this.
Bridge Club Committee

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