Re-opening in Level 1 – update

The Bridge Club committee very much hopes that you are all ‘champing at the bit’ to come back to in-person bridge. We met last night to discuss when and how to reopen the club rooms for play and resolved the following:
• We will not open for bridge until Level 1 is reached. When it is reached, regular bridge will commence on the Monday afternoon following Level 1 commencement – at this stage likely to be 15 June.
• We will confirm our start date after the Level 1 announcement is made on Monday 8 June.
• All sessions will be open as per the programme booklet, with events shortened to accommodate the start date. For example, a 4 day pairs will become a 3 day event if the first session has been cancelled.
• Scorer and director rosters are as previously determined.
• Be assured that there will be an ample supply of hand sanitiser and players will be required to use this at the beginning of the session, when getting refreshments, when leaving, and any other time you feel is necessary.
• The cards and boards will only be used once a week and the bridgemates will be cleaned between sessions. Tea and coffee will also be available.
• Contract tracing will occur via the session record.

We look forward to seeing all our members again but ask if you are unwell please stay at home. Also, if you feel uncomfortable or compromised about physically being at the club, then we look forward to seeing you at a later date. In the meantime, check your programme booklets to see who your partner is and get in touch with them to confirm they will be playing. If not, contact the session partnership steward.

Just a reminder that session start times are as follows and you should be seated (with sanitised hands) 15 minutes before play begins: Monday 1:30 pm, Wednesday 6:30pm, Thursday 7pm, and Friday 1pm.

We hope to see you, at the earliest, in the week beginning 15 June.

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