Upcoming events Spring 2020

Mark these dates –
• Pot luck Welcome dinner 5 August cancelled and a 1 day pairs competition instead. This was to welcome our beginner bridge players at the completion of their lessons. Now lessons will be beginning on 2 and 4 September and we have decided to have a Spring Fling evening on 7 October and to include our mid-lesson learners.
• Sunday 6 September: A club Spring Clean day – we need club members to help with spring cleaning outside and tidy-up inside.
• Ib Thulin Club Tournament: Sunday 16 August Handicap Tournament for Club members only with good prizes. Please enter – names on notice board in the club.
• Rotorua Restricted Tournament: Saturday 12 September. Entries now open on-line or you can enter at the club. This is a tournament where everyone can enter in grade appropriate categories.

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