Covid-19 update 7 September

The goalposts do keep changing! We are now in Level 2 lockdown until at least 16 September.

Our last communication on 25 August indicated that club bridge and the Rotorua Restricted Tournament on 12 September would not go ahead unless we were in Level 1. The committee has again reviewed the situation by email over this weekend.

*ROTORUA RESTRICTED TOURNAMENT: We have only 12 pairs entered so far and given that social distancing is still a requirement plus the need for hand sanitising, cleaning of cards, boards, premises and now the advice that masks should be worn when out and about, we can confirm that the Rotorua Restricted Tournament is CANCELLED.

*CLUB PLAY: For the same reasons club play will not resume and will be reviewed on 16 September.

*LESSONS: The same scenario applies to the lessons which means at the earliest the Friday lessons could start on 18 September, going through to early December.

As much as we would all love to be playing bridge again, we believe we will all be more confident of ensuring our health and well-being if we err on the side of caution. We encourage you to play on-line or in small groups at home.

Stay safe and well.

P.S.: Judith Howard of the Matamata Bridge club has advised that their Intermediate Tournament on Sunday 13 September is going ahead and she is appealing for entries – this includes Junior pairs for whom there is also a prize. She was hoping that there may be pairs who had entered our Tournament, or were planning to, who may wish to enter and go to Matamata on Sunday.

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