Kelly Peirse Memorial Teams Tournament

Sponsored by Goodrick Contracting Ltd.
Saturday 19th March 2022
Welcome to this event. Your Director is Allan Joseph and Scorer Mike Neels. The Tournament Lobby will be opened at  9:05am Saturday for a 9:30am start.

Please sit at the table number of you Team number which will be your “home” table. 

Tournament Real Bridge link:

Click here for Tournament regs.

Click here for team numbers and Timetable


Prizes will be awarded to those teams placed from 1st to 8th.  Final results and prize list will be on Rotorua website soon after tournament finishes. 

Claiming prizes: If you are a prize winner please send your bank account details to Margie Robbie We would appreciate a bank account for the whole team but failing that a bank account per pair would also suffice. Please, when you submit your request for prize payment state the persons for whom you are requesting the prize money. Thank you for your participation.


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  1. Is there a kibitz today for Memorial teams?

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