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  1. sarah easthope-wilson

    The Tournament was fantastic and well-organised -from the feedback everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves – especially myself – mind you i had the greatest partner who let me off a few times over the day

    i would like to acknowledge and thank all the kind helpers for their hard work over the day and who catered to our every whim – much appreciated

    looking forward to the photos

  2. Apologies, Sarah. I must have had a bad case of the camera shakes. Apart from these, the rest were too blurry. I’d only had one glass of wine too!

  3. sarah easthope-wilson

    hi Wendy

    his name is John Kelly – do you have a phone number for him


  4. Please, could I have the Monday’s and Friday’s results , thank you

  5. Hi Juliette, The results from the last couple of weeks on Mondays and Fridays are there under All Results and then go to Calendar or Multi session events. These are session results only at the moment, we will get the overall ladder too on finished competitions.

  6. Hi, clicked the ladder for the Mon. results .Clicked my name but -nothing. What do I do next. Norma Rice

    • Hi Norma. Sorry for late reply. You will have to click on your name in the individual session results, and then will see all the details for that session. The ladder just shows the overall result.

  7. A very enjoyable day. Thanks to Margaret and Trevor for all their hard work. These tournaments would not be possible without club members help.

  8. Sums up another great Christmas Tournament, full of fun and friendship, and the only stress was what we put upon ourselves to play good bridge.

  9. Great photos – thanks Rotorua for hosting another excellent Xmas tournament

  10. well deserved Heini

  11. Trevor & Margaret

    Well done all of you

  12. Thanks Cathy for this introduction to some of the rule changes.

  13. Congratulations Ruth, couldn’t think of a more worthy recipient.

  14. Great tournament.

  15. Trevor & Margaret

    This goes against the majority vote to retain the status quo

  16. Patricia Stephens

    Thank you and I think it would be nice to mention Rona and John as they did well and are associate members.
    Cheers Trish

  17. Hi Keith. Great to here from you. Glad everything is working out for you. Ross left China beginning of February, did 16 days in Bali (self isolation) and then came home. He is still with us as he is working online while the school remains closed. He is expecting to go back next Wednesday as his school may reopen on the 16th of March.
    Paul and I are playing in our first novice tournament this Saturday in Hamilton. We were not partners tonight but both had a shocker. I played with Ross and we managed to beat Paul & Cathy Ward by .5%. Ross’s 4th night at playing the game and plays the cards well.
    Missing our Monday night tuition and think of you often. Stay safe and looking forward to your next email
    A worrying time for us all, especially you and Ross.
    Cheers Maryann

  18. Nice to receive your newsy update, and that all is well.

    We are still enjoying hot summer weather. Not good for the garden, or the farmers though.

  19. I have just clicked into RBC website for the first time and found your newsy letter. The AGM was on Thursday and Ruth has posted some photos on the Club’s facebook site. You will find some familiar faces there.
    Your car fitted the bill with Glenda for about six months and then an enthusiast from Te Awamutu bought it. All is good. Roger has some new members starting on Monday afternoon and I have offered to mentor if required.
    Life is for living , Keith…. so enjoy. With kindest thoughts. June

  20. Is there a kibitz today for Memorial teams?

  21. Hi there it’s Yvonne Fisher here Mary’s 3018 partner at Wellington Congress I only have her landlines number so can’t text her. I just wanted to send my condolences as I have just heard of her husband’s passing. I hope to catch up with her over summer as we have a holiday home in Tauranga. My email is
    Phone 0274799467. Thinking of you Mary