Bridge at Level 3 and 2 – and more options

Lockdown 3 has provided some flexibility for those of you in your isolated bubbles but we will all be looking forward to a lift of the restrictions. Quite what this means for Bridge is still uncertain until Level 2 becomes a reality and we understand exactly what the constraints are. We will be guided by NZ Bridge recommendations on when and how to resume play but table play, given distancing restrictions, looks unlikely until Level 1.
Nothing replaces face to face bridge and the social contact and rapport this provides. To compensate, as best as possible, many of you have been playing on ‘Bridge Base Online’ (BBO) in tables you have organised yourselves. However, not many have ventured into the tournaments that are available on-line. Alan Dick has tried to get a slot on BBO for just Rotorua players but this has not been possible because BBO has not been accrediting any more free tournaments.
As explained in the earlier email, Auckland Bridge hosts ‘all comers’ tournaments and Waikato Bays has a series of tournaments that are aimed at Junior and Intermediate play. Theses are listed on the web-site with an explanation of who the tournaments are open to. Those of you who are familiar with table play on BBO might like to pit yourself against the competition in tournament play. It is a lot of fun, it challenges your bridge and you have nothing to lose. To participate in these local Waikato Bays Tournaments you must register (name, club, player number), with Mike Neels Once logged into the tournaments’ list on BBO the Waikato Bays tournament names begin with WB. The best document for negotiating BBO are the instructions prepared by Karen Martelletti. They are excellent – there is a link on the Waikato Bays site but if you go to NZ Bridge ‘All News’ and scroll down to 14 April you will find the instructions there. Kathryn Morgan 027 3748524 and Margie Robbie 021 0441367 can help you negotiate your way through the technology , should you need any assistance or questions answered.
We all hope you are surviving the constraints and staying healthy.

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