Rotorua joins X-Club

We have now joined the other X-Club participating clubs in the region, meaning we are all playing the same hands and can compare results over a much larger field. It works like this: Files are sent to all clubs of the hands, for the playing times set. The dealing machines deal out the cards and they are played at the …

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The luck of the draw…

One of the good things about bridge tournaments is that even if the bridge doesn’t go well, there is always the chance of winning a prize in the raffle. One pair from Rotorua were at a tournament recently where they were watching the prize pool dwindle until there were just two options left – a pair of socks and a …

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BOP Interclub Teams

BOP-teams-31-7_1aThe Bay Teams Shield was contested on Sunday 31 July between Rotorua, Tauranga, Whakatane, Taupo, Te Puke and Mount Maunganui clubs with Open, Intermediate and Junior teams competing. Every team payed matches of 12 boards against each other team within their grade and the scores for each match are aggregated to determine the winning club. After an excellent start, unfortunately Rotorua flagged in the middle rounds and finished third overall and the shield has gone to Tauranga, who won with a massive total of 196 VP’s. Whakatane was second on 170 and Rotorua third on 163.

In addition the teams that were first and second in each grade are to play off for top club in the Waikato/Bay of Plenty on the 28th of August in Cambridge. The Rotorua Open Team of Neil Dravitzki and Paul Cosgrove, Ian Moore and Alan Dick made this event. An interesting fact about this team that was pointed out on the day – to considerable laughter – is that this team has three people who have had heart bypasses and the other team member is a doctor! In fact this team was the only team on the day that won every match – but it wasn’t enough to win the Open Team title as the winning margins were not great enough.

The Rotorua teams played their best, but it wasn’t good enough on the day – but well done everyone!

Results pages

The way our results are shown on the website is changing,  as we have subscribed to an much improved method of displaying results, using software developed by Milan Durovic of Sydney. When you have clicked on a session or other result, starting from a listing of the field, you can click on a name and proceed to a listing of …

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BOP Interclub Teams Competition

The Bay of Plenty Interclub Team Competition is being held in Rotorua on 31 July, with 6 clubs taking part at this stage – Te Puke, Tauranga, Mt. Maunganui,  Rotorua, Whakatane and Taupo. The top two clubs go through to the Waikato BOP finals in August. The Rotorua teams for the Bay Clubs Team Competition are: Open: Neil Dravitzki  and …

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Rotorua Restricted

The Rotorua Restricted Tournament  was held on Sunday and was a very enjoyable day, with 18 tables and entrants from clubs around the region. Congratulations to the Rotorua pairs who featured among the top placings. Sarah Easthope-Wilson and John Kelly were runners-up in the Open/Intermediate section, as were Bob Johnston and Lara Cordonni in the Open/Junior. Rex Tulloch and Joyce Reid came third in the Intermediate/Intermediate and Bruce Whiteman and Christine Kampfraath third in the Intermediate/Junior – see the results page for a full list of winners. Many thanks to the organisers and the helpers in the kitchen for the delicious lunchtime soups, and morning and afternoon tea.

Farewell to Henk and Miep

Sadly Henk and Miep Vanderpoel are leaving our club and moving to Palmerston North. We had a farewell afternoon tea for them last Saturday, where members had a chance to reminisce and wish them well. Club president Alan Dick spoke about the great contribution they have both made to the club over the years and noted that Henk is the first life member to leave the club vertically! We wish them all the best for the future in their new home and hopefully we will see them back here for a tournament sometime.


Super Six Teams


The first three rounds of the Super Six Teams on Monday night have finished and it was great fun. This is a great way for players of different grades to mix and get to know one another without having to play against each other. Each team is made up of one junior, one intermediate and one open pair.
We would like more entries for the next three rounds, starting from Monday 1 August, so start finding your team members now.